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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Recycle, Upcycle: Manusa in Clerkenwell

A contemporary and sustainable vision of fashion.

Manusa was born from the desire to give a new life to clothes, creatively reinventing them or turning them into home decoraritions.

The fabrics originating from the excess production of the fashion industry is restyled into unique products, original in style and with the aim of enhancing the concept behind upcycling.

Our collections offer sets of products created with new fabrics coming from overproduction, unique pieces, vintage articles modified with style, accessories and reinvented objects.
It represents a choice towards sustainability, quality and fashion.

We believe in the value of honest and completely hand-made products.
That is why invest in rediscovering traditional manufacturing techniques used by italian producers and in exploring new creative techniques.
Our products are not only beautiful and unique, but also ethically sustainable. Manusa products are made by people with special needs, stimulating their personal growth and a rediscovery of theri creative skills.


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