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Tuesday 30 December 2014

Tre Mani Design: When Design Meets Tradition a meeting of hands and minds, an architect and two restorers, each with a passion for Tuscan art and craftsmanship, TRE MANI DESIGN was born.
The beginning of a vision to create, produce and commercialize design objects and interior furniture of high quality craftsmanship.
Articles with a contemporary appeal realized using the most authentic Florentine artisan techniques and materials, especially the lime mortars and the ancient techinique of opus insignum (better known as cocciopesto).
A project born to give life to unique unrepeatable objects and environments, having a strong visual and emotional impact, in which the typical creativity of Italian design is joined with the exceptional manual skill of ancient production modes.
At the foundation of our creations lies our constant commitment to research; the forms we develop are carefully studied, keeping in mind both new trends and traditional models, rendering them contemporary and timeless.
Our research starts with old recipes, such as the ancient Roman mortar, which we propose in a new formula, enriching it with natural pigments that allow us to obtain an infinite number of chromatic and material variations.
All working phases, including shaping, engraving, polishing, waxing and buffing are completely done by hand.
The results are objects and furniture made in limited editions, even within each single series, characterized by the unrepeatability and uniqueness of each piece, with the possibility of offering a complete personalization of the item upon request.
TRE MANI DESIGN is also capable of offering its technical and artistic expertise for the designing and realization of exclusive and refined environments such as floors, wall coverings, kitchen counters and bathroom basins, tubs and showers. 
Filippo Amide, Architect

Stefania Bracci
Enrico Remori

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